I started my musical activities at the age of 12. Together with my classmates we founded in the times of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Deep Purple our school band. My musical origins go back to rock music. A little bit later I have been fascinated by the sound of classical solo pieces and soloists like John Williams and Julian Bream. I wanted to emulate them, that's why I improved my guitar playing from Rock & Pop by studying classical guitar music and certificated as music teacher.


But all that time my guitar was missing something. In classical music the instrument could only find little groove and passion. Before I was 30, when I met Paco Peña und Paco de Lucía, my guitar had to capitulate and from now on it required my uncompomising devotion fo flamenco. After an initial self studying I started to transcribe pieces of Paco de Lucía from CD to music sheets, which the "maestro" in person autographed to me at the beginning of the 90s. My today's technique I do owe to my teachers Manolo Sanlúcar, Juan Martín and Gerardo Nuñez who let me participate in their master classes.


In retrospect I believe that my engagement in different styles and manners of playing guitar have done good to my musical growth. Being guitar teacher I try to lead my students to music in wide-ranging manners, to teach them different manners in playing without favoring any style. For me it's important and very helpful if a guitarist is being able to accompany songs.